Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts, commonly called 'essential oils, ' to create a therapeutic effect on body, mind and spirit. One can obtain great benefits from simply inhaling the wonderful aromas. Essential oils can also be used in products for massage, bath and body care.

Aroma Magic
is dedicated to providing the finest true aromatherapy products. We use only high quality essential oils in our blends and single oil offerings. Over ten years of study and experience go into our formulations. When selecting essences for blends, we incorporate scientific information about physiological properties along with intuition through the sense of smell. The spiritual and vibratory effects are also considered. We believe the best blend is one that takes all levels – body, mind and spirit – into account.


Aroma Magic provides high quality, therapeutic essential oils in the following ways:

ESSENTIAL OILS undiluted, single note essences
AIR SCENTS SPRAYS inspired blends mixed with alcohol and distilled water for purifying and uplifting your environment
DIFFUSABLES undiluted aromatic blends designed for room diffusion
SPA SYNERGIES undiluted essences chosen for specific therapeutic effects, to be added to massage and bath oils, wraps, or body lotions
ARCHANGEL BLENDS These blends attune personal energy to the Archangel chosen and enhance communication and the awakening of the Archangel's specific gifts. These are described on the drop down when you click on the link for the Archangel in the catalogue.
PERSONAL TRAVELERS a blend of protective, healing essences diluted in jojoba for use on the body when on-the-go
ASTROLOGICAL CUSTOM BLENDS based on your birth chart, specific essential oils to strengthen and support your unique expression, diluted in jojoba for use on the body
CHAKRA KIT seven different blends of the essences that vibrate to the specific charka, diluted in jojoba for use on the body
MEDICINE CABINET KIT providing five of the essences best known for their healing qualities, this kit contains four single notes of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree and pre diluted Chamomile
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