An astrological reading empowers you with the awareness to make wise choices and achieve life goals. It validates your strengths, illuminates your issues and shows you the path of greatest reward. Astrology is a powerful tool that can indicate the right time for initiating events, answer important questions and reveal the lessons and potential in relationships.

Starsage Astrology combines classic interpretation techniques with an emphasis on evolutionary purpose to bring greater understanding and meaning to personal, relationship and question analysis.

Each chart analysis is unique and individualized ...never a computer program generated, or "one size fits all" reading.

The Tarot is a quick and powerful way to access the meaning and direction of specific issues. Tarot can also be added to any of the astrological readings for greater clarity.

With both Astrological and Tarot readings, when appropriate, you will receive suggestions on using Bach Flowers and Jin Shin Jyutsu energy healing for self help. As an added benefit, you can order a special custom Aromatherapy blend based on your astrological chart and current needs.

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Natal Chart Analysis
The Natal Chart Analysis will give you valuable information about yourself and the current trends in your chart at this time and for the coming year. Full birth information is required (date, time, place). You may ask specific questions to guide the reading for your needs. The SKYPE or Phone consultation can be chosen without a recorded CD for 125 if you contact me   
Solar Return
set for the nearest birthday with projection for the year ahead, up to one hour...recorded on CD and mailed $175 or phone consultation which you may tape$150   
Chart Comparison & Composite
to illuminate the nature and purpose of your love, family or business relationship, including current and future trends, up to one hour...recorded on CD and mailed $200 or phone consultation which you may tape$175   
Horary Chart
one specific question, answerable by "yes" or "no," including analysis of pertinent factors, answer is e-mailed within three days... $75   
Election Chart
selecting the best time to begin a venture, have surgery, get married, etc. Requires calculation of birth chart(s) e-mailed only ...$80   
Location Analysis
indicates the geographical areas that are best for money, career, love, homelife, spiritual life. Requires calculation of birth chart(s) and includes written analysis and astro-cartography maps, regular mail$75   
Ask up to three questions in the form provided and select email ($90) or a live reading by SKYPE ($75). For email, it is best to keep your questions simple without giving a lot of information. A Yes/No question must not be asked in either/or format. For live SKYPE sessions, this does not apply.   
Custom Aromatherapy Blend
based on your astrological birth chart and current needs, prediluted in jojoba for use on the body or in the bath, 5 mls, mailed $35  
Please note: If you choose the phone consultation, you will incur the charge for the phone call in addition to the charge for the service. For phone consultations, you must contact me by email to set up a mutually agreed upon appointment time. You will be charged the full amount for the phone consultation if you fail to call at the appointment time without prior notification. If you choose a taped reading, it will be mailed to you within 7 days. All tapes will be sent by Priority Mail.

I respect your privacy.
All readings are strictly confidential!

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