The Lakota expression, "Mitakuye Oyasin," is sometimes translated as "We are all related." I prefer the interpretation "I am related to all things" as this meaning goes beyond the relationship of human to human and includes the entire manifested world and every kingdom it contains.

The Native American view of nature, shared by all indigenous cultures, holds great wisdom. This respect, love and recognition of the teachings that are given by all the kingdoms fueled my desire to spend time in the natural world, visiting my "relatives" and bathing my spirit in their beauty.

I began to visit natural surroundings with my old fashioned Pentax and 250 zoom lens.Before I enter the area, I offer tobacco and say a prayer of gratitude to Father Sky and Mother Earth and thank whatever I may encounter there for allowing me to enter their home. As I photographed the beauty around me, I was rewarded with the extraordinary images on this page and in the online catalogue, images that convey the spirit of the creature and the essence of the surroundings. None of these photos have been altered or 'enhanced' in any way.

The Spirit of Nature conveyed in these photos will enhance and energize any environment. Contemplation of the image will uplift your own spirit as well.

The photo images on the website contain a watermark and are not suitable for enlargement or printing purposes. The actual photos you would receive do not contain the mark. The cost includes a signed mat (color at our discretion.) A percentage of the profit will be shared with groups that support and protect our wildlife and environment.

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